My first podcast interview is out!  I had so much fun talking with Emily Day, co founder of the Called Women’s Conference.  She was honest, fun, and inspiring!  We discussed some serious topics here, such as the absence of her earthly father in her life and the healing process she has gone through as an adult, especially after becoming a mom.  We also discussed The Called Women’s Conference and her fun Instagram account, all about cheap finds for styling your life, called Shop Murfreesboro!


Note*** We recorded this conversation the week before the Called Conference took place, I had hoped to have it out before this week, but just couldn’t get it done in time.  The conference was actually this past Saturday featuring guest speaker Annie F. Downs.  Be sure to follow along as there will be more events/ways to get involved throughout the year in the Called ministry including another conference next fall.

I hope you enjoy our convo, I know I did, thanks Emily!

Press play on the audio file below to listen or download the “Podcast” app on your smart phone, then search for “20,000 Words” to subscribe and listen to each new episode.


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