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We’ve made it to Episode 8 of 20,000 Words, and this week’s guest has such an interesting story!  Nicole Weider is an author and speaker as well as a former model, she has actually done work for Maxim magazine and Victoria Secret.  We discussed how after living the “Hollywood lifestyle” for a while she felt very unfulfilled and had some interesting experiences that eventually lead her to the Lord.  She is now married with a son, and she spends much of her time inspiring young girls to remain true to themselves and seek Jesus through Project Inspired in the midst of all of the mixed messages our culture sends to young women.

I had lots of questions for Nicole, as you can imagine, and she was happy to fill me in. She even shared some her favorite beauty tips at the end of our conversation. If you have any young girls in your life, be sure to share this episode with them!

Check out Project Inspired and Nicole Weider and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram as well!  Click the audio file below to listen.

P.S. Another new episode will be out next Thursday with Kelly Balarie, since I had to skip a week last week!

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