And after a little break, the 20,000 Words Podcast is back!  I recently announced on social media that we are expecting our second baby, so I needed a little time to catch my breath and get through that first trimester.  I’m now feeling much better and ready to jump back into some thought provoking and inspiring conversations.  I am thrilled to introduce you to (if you don’t already know her) to Lisa Jo Baker.

Lisa Jo is an author and speaker who has just released her latest book all about friendship, called Never Unfriended.  We explored this topic to the fullest in our discussion.  I even shared with her struggles I have had with friendships, and she had some amazing advice and insight about cultivating real friendship.  Turns out it’s not all about how wonderful of an entertainer you are, but more about the state of your heart and willingness to let people in.  Not only is she wise, but she was also so fun to talk with!  I have no doubt you will benefit from listening to her on this episode and definitely grab a copy of her new book anywhere books are sold.


Never Unfriended

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