The first episode of 20,000 Words for 2018 might be the most impactful interview I have had yet.  My guest, Cori Salchert, has one of the most beautiful stories of redemption I have ever heard.  I will forever be impacted by her story and the way God is using her.  She and her family, (she actually has 8 biological children) take in foster babies with very grim health diagnosis’s. With her history as a nurse, she has the training to help these babies, who otherwise would probably pass away without the love of a family.  Cori actually has her own health issues, including several auto immune diseases which kept her from returning to her old job.  However, God was doing a new thing in her life and led her to taking in these precious babies.

This is a must listen for anyone and everyone, I hope you are as deeply moved as I was by Cori and her God story.  Also, be sure to check out her book, I Will Love You Forever, coming out in March!


Cori’s Facebook Page

“I Will Love You Forever” by Cori Salchert

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