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This week my guest is Kelsey Chapman, founder of Radiant Magazine, Radiant Collective, and host of the Radiant Podcast.  I can tell you one thing after talking with Kelsey, it is hard not to love her!  I honestly felt like we became besties after just one conversation.  She is dynamic, relatable, and motivating.  The success she has had and the drive to to make it happen as an entrepreneur and pursuing her passions through Radiant is awe-inspiring.  If you have a dream or idea, but aren’t sure how to get it off the ground, this is the podcast for you.  Find out more about Kelsey and Radiant at the links below.


Radiant Magazine

Radiant Collective

Radiant Podcast

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Episode 14 of 20,000 Words podcast is with Lisa Whittle, speaker and author of a new book called Put Your Warrior Boots On coming out June 1.

Lisa is down to earth, fun, and on a mission to see us break free from the chains of fear in this crazy world.  We discussed how to become passionate about bible study, what it means to put your warrior boots on, and how to be prepared to walk strong in a broken world – instead of constantly reacting to all of the scary things that happen around us and even to us.  I had a few major take ways from our conversation, and I hope you will too!


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There is so much I could say about this episode with Author, Speaker, and Coach Tam Hodge.  Tam is one of those people that puts it all out there, because she is passionate about women getting freedom from their past and moving towards God’s purpose for their life.  In this episode, we discuss fatherlessness, abandonment, abuse, abortion, and confession.  The topics are serious, but Tam tells it all with such grace.  We both got emotional during our conversation at different points, because this stuff is so raw and real.  I am honored that she would share so much of this with me, and I know that you will be moved by her story.

You can follow Tam on Instagram at @TamHodge and on Facebook at

Check out her book on Amazon here:

Support the Hodge family as they start The Church in Hollywood through prayer and through giving if you feel led here:


Listen at the link below or on iTunes!


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I am thrilled to introduce you to Kristin Allender, director of the Tennessee Chapter of America’s Kids Belong.  This is an organization dedicated to advocating and finding forever homes for foster children in Tennessee.  James 1:27 calls us as Christians to care for orphans and widows, we may not all be called to foster or adopt but we simply can’t turn a blind eye to their needs.  Kristin herself was adopted as an infant, and she has followed the call on her life to work with vulnerable children, I love her heart and her story.

This episode is important and the work Kristin and this organization is making a life changing difference for these children.  Imagine your own children without a safe place to call home or someone to care for them when they are scared or sick, it is unthinkable.  This episode will challenge you, as well as give you some ways to get involved.  There are so many ways we can help, check out the links below to get more information and be sure to follow them on social media to stay informed.

Links from this episode:

Check out some of these kids personal video stories here:

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And after a little break, the 20,000 Words Podcast is back!  I recently announced on social media that we are expecting our second baby, so I needed a little time to catch my breath and get through that first trimester.  I’m now feeling much better and ready to jump back into some thought provoking and inspiring conversations.  I am thrilled to introduce you to (if you don’t already know her) to Lisa Jo Baker.

Lisa Jo is an author and speaker who has just released her latest book all about friendship, called Never Unfriended.  We explored this topic to the fullest in our discussion.  I even shared with her struggles I have had with friendships, and she had some amazing advice and insight about cultivating real friendship.  Turns out it’s not all about how wonderful of an entertainer you are, but more about the state of your heart and willingness to let people in.  Not only is she wise, but she was also so fun to talk with!  I have no doubt you will benefit from listening to her on this episode and definitely grab a copy of her new book anywhere books are sold.


Never Unfriended

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