Starting of the new year with a long time friend of mine and professional wedding planner Emily Humphries. Emily and I got to talk about her wedding planning business and how she has grown in so many areas after 9 years of being her own boss. She gave me some great insight into how she handles being a wife, mom of one and pregnant with another, while managing her work.

I love her heart and the way she filters everything through the words. She gave some great illustrations from scripture that have stuck with me. I think you will love her spunk and her wisdom in our conversation, I know I did!

Check out her website http://www.simplyyoursweddings.com and be sure to keep up with her over on Instagram @simplyemhumph and @simplyyoursweddings.

Listen to our conversation by clicking Play on the audio file below, enjoy!

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I have looked up to this woman for many years (and not only because of her killer guns…), so I was thrilled that she took the time to come on my podcast!  Candy Coburn’s vivacious personality, contagious smile, and big voice have made her many fans over the years! Candy and I talked in Episode 5 of 20,000 Words all about her life as a musician on the road with 7 employees, a tour bus, and chasing “success” as a musician all while being a wife and mom of two boys. I asked her some pretty frank questions about how she balanced her family life during that season, and Candy answered so honestly.

She told me about a big turning point in her life, quitting drinking and recovery, and how helping people and her relationship with God has changed everything in her life. She has beautiful story that I can relate to in so many ways. You are going to fall in love with her, and I hope learn a thing or two about what’s truly important in this life by listening to this episode.

Check out Candy’s newest album “The Good Life,” and you can listen to our conversation at the audio link below or on iTunes.


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Seriously, look at this picture, how gorgeous is this momma and her girls? This is Chantelle Becking, my guest on Episode 4 of the 20,000 Words podcast! Chantelle is the mom of 5 girls, that she and her husband, Eric have adopted internationally as well as through foster care. They may look picture perfect, but Chantelle will be the first to tell you they are everything but. Tasking risks and “living adventurously” is hard but so worth it.  She shares more about their journey on this episode, it’s challenging and encouraging especially for all the mommas out there.

Don’t forget to follow Chantelle and her family at Becking Clinic on Facebook to read some of her super honest writing, see videos of their crazy-fun clan, and more. Now, go listen to this episode with Chantelle, you won’t regret it!

Just hit play on the audio file below…

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The beautiful lady pictured below, is someone who has had a profound impact on my life.  Debby Bivins is a freedom dweller, lover of people, and all around joy to be around.  You may not know her name, because she does the hard work of loving others in her community, living life with people day in and day out, and giving of her time freely to create a space where people can come as they are, without much recognition.  She doesn’t broadcast all of her good works online or preach about her work from a big stage, she just does the work faithfully.   However, after you listen to this podcast you won’t forget her story or the words of wisdom she shares!


There is so much talk about abortion especially in the political climate we find ourselves in today, but this debate has been going on for decades.  We hear so many people shouting about their “side,” but sometimes we fail to listen to someone who has actually been through it.  Debby shares her experience with me in this podcast, even though it is difficult and she knows may result in judgement from others.  I challenge you to listen to her perspective, receive her words with grace, and send this to someone who might need to hear a message of truth and freedom from shame.

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  Romans 8:1

Click the link below to listen and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes!


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My first podcast interview is out!  I had so much fun talking with Emily Day, co founder of the Called Women’s Conference.  She was honest, fun, and inspiring!  We discussed some serious topics here, such as the absence of her earthly father in her life and the healing process she has gone through as an adult, especially after becoming a mom.  We also discussed The Called Women’s Conference and her fun Instagram account, all about cheap finds for styling your life, called Shop Murfreesboro!


Note*** We recorded this conversation the week before the Called Conference took place, I had hoped to have it out before this week, but just couldn’t get it done in time.  The conference was actually this past Saturday featuring guest speaker Annie F. Downs.  Be sure to follow along as there will be more events/ways to get involved throughout the year in the Called ministry including another conference next fall.

I hope you enjoy our convo, I know I did, thanks Emily!

Press play on the audio file below to listen or download the “Podcast” app on your smart phone, then search for “20,000 Words” to subscribe and listen to each new episode.


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