As promised, Episode 19 is Part 2 with Stephanie Meek, owner with her husband, Isaac, of Five Daughters Bakery and momma to 5 daughters!  This one is for the mommas, the pregnant ones and the ones in the trenches with little ones.  This lady exudes joy, and I loved hearing from her all about her experiences with pregnancy and mothering little people.  She obviously has lots of experience, and I was soaking up her knowledge and advice on she does it.

She is a rockstar and I know you will benefit from her wisdom in the area of motherhood.  I’ll be listening to this one again and again as I enter into a new season of mothering 2 kiddos!  Send this one to a mom of littles or a pregnant mom, they will be blessed and inspired!

Show Notes:

Supernatural Childbirth book

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Episode 18 of the 20,000 Words Podcast is with Stephanie Meek, wife of Isaac Meek, owners of Nashville’s Five Daughters Bakery and mother of the real 5 daughters!  Y’all I loved this girl!  She is fun, free, and tells it like it is.

Stephanie shared her God story with me, her love story with her husband, and how Five Daughter’s Bakery came to be and where it’s going – hello 30A!  God has his hand on this family, and I can’t wait to watch and see where He directs them next.  I have no doubt they will listen and follow Him.  I walked away from this conversation inspired to live freely, take daring risks, and live an adventure – you won’t want to miss this episode!

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Hear Stephanie Speak this Fall at Exhale Women

Five Daughter’s Bakery Instagram

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Episode 17 of 20,000 Words is with my good friend and mother of my future daughter-in-law (we hope!) Katelyn Fuson.  If you aren’t following Katelyn on Instagram, you should be!  She and her husband Chad are coming up on a year of having their daughter Willa home from China and being a family of 3.  They have a beautiful story of redemption, and she shares it all with me on this episode.

It was so fun talking with her and catching bits of pieces of the story that I haven’t heard, even though we have had the privilege of walking through most of this journey with them.  If you or someone you know has struggled with infertility and/or is considering adoption, be sure to share this one!

Shownote Links:

Katelyn’s Blog

Katelyn’s Personal Instagram

Katelyn’s Photography Instagram

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This week my guest is Holly Newton, founder of the Exhale Women’s Retreat here in Franklin, TN.  Holly shared with me her story of total restoration in her marriage after some really tough circumstances.  I am so thankful for her vulnerability and willingness to share the hard parts of her story.  She does this in order to give others hope that God has the power to redeem what we might think are hopeless situations.  I also loved chatting with her about the Exhale Retreat and how God has called her to provide a space for women to just be with Him.  You will be blessed by this episode, be sure to share it with a friend who might be struggling in their relationship.


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This week my guest is Kelsey Chapman, founder of Radiant Magazine, Radiant Collective, and host of the Radiant Podcast.  I can tell you one thing after talking with Kelsey, it is hard not to love her!  I honestly felt like we became besties after just one conversation.  She is dynamic, relatable, and motivating.  The success she has had and the drive to to make it happen as an entrepreneur and pursuing her passions through Radiant is awe-inspiring.  If you have a dream or idea, but aren’t sure how to get it off the ground, this is the podcast for you.  Find out more about Kelsey and Radiant at the links below.


Radiant Magazine

Radiant Collective

Radiant Podcast

Instragram @kelschapman  and  @radiantco

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