Well, here I am with the rest of Middle Tennessee, sitting at home without much to do, other than eat and do laundry, ha!  We are all stuck at home, and I have seen several people posting about trying out some new recipes.  I did the same, of course, and I think I got a winner with this soup.  It’s hearty, healthy and satisfying which is just what we need in this icy predicament we find ourselves in. ;)

This is sure to get your nose a runnin’ and warm you up from the inside out.  Just what I needed after a yucky cold all weekend.  Enjoy!


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Skinny Broccoli Cheese Soup

I’m back!  Back to making recipe videos that is, so you can expect a new one to be uploaded to my Youtube Channel every Wednesday!

So, to kick things off we have everyone’s all time favorite soup during these cold, winter days.  I have seriously been trying to make a low fat version of Broccoli Cheese Soup for years.  I have managed to make them “skinny,” they just haven’t been thick and creamy like the ones at the restaurants…until now!

This recipe is to die for, it has everything you want in a Broccoli Cheese Soup without any of the butter, heavy cream, or half and half.  Check out the video below for my tricks on how to make this low fat soup so rich and creamy!



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