Is this not the most beautiful cake?!  And just wait until you taste it, I’m thinking this is the perfect Mother’s Day dessert.  I’ll get to the recipe soon, but first a little about the star of the show, strawberries!

If you haven’t noticed from social media yet, it’s Strawberry picking time!  A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a “Strawberry School” at Wagner Berry Farms conducted by my friend and mentor, Tammy Algood with Pick Tennessee Products (check out to find local strawberry farms in your area).  Tammy is the southern cooking queen, and she has played a huge role in this crazy cooking journey I’m on.  She actually introduced me to her book agent, who is now my agent and the talented man who came up with the concept for The Outdoor Table.  Needless to say, I’m a big fan of hers, and I’m so incredibly thankful for her generosity and wisdom.


The fabulous Tammy Algood and I

Now back to the berries.  Strawberry season here in Tennessee starts in May and runs through late June, it’s pretty short and sweet.  So, I wanted to share 5 takeaways I had from the class, that will hopefully allow you to get the most out of these delicious local berries!


All you need for serving beautiful strawberries is a pretty platter and a bowl of powdered sugar!



It’s amazing the difference in the store bought berries compared to freshly picked.  Did you know that it is logistically impossible to buy a ripe strawberry from a grocery store? (Find out why in my 5 tips below)  Not only will you get the best berries locally, it’s also a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors with your family.  Oh and once you get them picked, go home bake up my Strawberry Upside Down Cake!


5 Tips for Strawberry Picking and Storage

  1. Strawberries do not ripen after they are harvested.  Once you pick the berry, it won’t continue to ripen like some other fruits, so be sure to pick the ripest berries you can find!
  2. The ripest strawberries to pick should be red from the tip to the cap (where the stem is).  Leave those green tipped berries on the vine!
  3. Store your berries in a single layer, on a jelly roll pan, in your refrigerator for the longest shelf life.
  4. DO NOT pre wash the berries and then store them, wash them right before eating/serving.  This will prolong shelf life and keep them from molding prematurely.
  5. The shelf life of a strawberry is about a week from the time it is picked.  This is why strawberries in a super market, usually from California are rarely at their peak.  The ripest berries from huge farms actually go into juice anyway, not into the cartons for consumers.

strawberry upside down cake

Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I thought that this Strawberry Upside Down Cake would be appropriate this week.  I mean what mom doesn’t love cake and strawberries?!  Oh and it simply must be served warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Okay, my mouth is watering.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommas out there.  Now that I am a mom myself, I can appreciate this day more than ever.  Enjoy!


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