peach cobbler

Ahhh…summertime.  I know it hasn’t technically started yet, but after Memorial Day it’s pretty much summer in Tennessee.  This is without a doubt my favorite time of year, I love all seasons, but you just can’t beat bare feet on the patio, the aroma of grilled goodness in the air, and carefree days spent by the pool.  I’m also quite fond of the food that goes along with warmer weather.  Heck, I wrote a whole cookbook about it!  I like taking a fresh ingredient of the season and using it in all kinds of fun, new ways.  However, as much as I love to come up with unique recipe ideas, sometimes you just can’t beat a classic.  Hence, this week’s recipe, a delightful Peach Cobbler.  All you need is a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go with it, and you’re all set.  I actually listed the ice cream as an ingredient in this recipe, because let’s face it you just can’t have cobbler without it.  If you forgot to grab it at the store(like I did),  have the husband run back to the grocery to snag some (like I did).  It’s really that important, I mean it’s not like you get to enjoy fresh Peach Cobbler every day.

I was lucky enough to make my cobbler out of a bag of peaches my parents’ brought me from The Peach Truck.  They weren’t quite ripe enough the day they were bought, so I left them in that brown paper bag for a couple of days.  As soon as they ripened to perfection, I knew what I had to do.  Sweet, buttery, cakey, cobbler is what happened, and I’m so glad it did.  Even in the midst of contracts being signed, a poor baby who caught my cold, and just all around business, I had to make time for cobbler.

peach truck peaches

Sometimes, in this crazy season we’re in, I’ve learned that I have to go out of my way to enjoy the sweetness of life.  Whether it’s laying on the floor laughing with Maverick when there are countless tasks to be done, or saying no to laundry and other household chores to make cobbler.  I didn’t want to let peach season go by without making peach cobbler, and you shouldn’t either!  It may sound simple or even silly, but these are the little treats that make life sweet.  Don’t miss them!


peach cobbler




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