Wow.  What a month June has been!  First things first, I can’t thank all of my friends and family enough for your support at my book signing/release party at Parnassus Books.  The support was overwhelming and The Outdoor Table was their NUMBER 1 best seller for the month, which was published in The Tennessean!  Seriously, so cool!


On top of all of that excitement, we closed on the house Zach built this week (I was the agent), so needless to say, this has been quite the month.  We are overjoyed, exhausted, and humbled with all of the blessings that the past few months have brought.  Life is not perfect, but we sure our blessed to be living out our passions, even if it does make things complicated and uncertain at times.

Now for a summer sipper, this recipe is sure to cool down during this super hot and humid summer we are already having, at least here in Tennessee.  I love a good homemade lemonade, but I don’t love all of the sugar that comes with it.  This version isn’t sugar free (it is lemonade after all), but you get some natural sweetness from the blueberries and mint, so no need to overload on pure sugar.  Not only is this drink mouthwateringly refreshing, it’s also a gorgeous shade of purple.  Add a few fresh blueberries and mint to garnish, and I’m thinking this is the perfect festive addition to your 4th of July spread!




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